Do you have insurance?


For your peace of mind, we have Public Liability Insurance to cover a minimum of £5 Million

Will the cleaning process damage my property?

Definitely not!

We only use specialist equipment & non-harmful cleaning products, designed specifically for the particular job.

Will I be impressed with the result?



Referrals provide the majority of our ‘new’ business, whilst repeat business from our  ‘existing’ customers speaks volumes for the very high standards we achieve. Please feel free to request examples of recent work undertaken in your area or see our ‘Testimonials’  page for further proof.


Read Our Testimonials

How long will the cleaning process take?

Every job is different, as it all depends upon the customers requirements. We’ll advise you as part of the quotation, but rest assured we certainly wont ‘cut corners’ or rush a job to finish it. If required, we’ll return the following day to complete the job.

How long will the clean last before it needs doing again?

Due to the pristine finish we achieve, at least 12 months!!

However, it all depends on the location of your property. If it’s North facing, fronts a main road or is surrounded by foliage, you may require our services sooner.

What about the Weather?

Only severe frost & snow will prevent us cleaning your property to a very high standard.

How do I book my next clean?

We’ll contact you on an annual basis. However, if you require us sooner please don’t hesitate to ‘contact us’.
If you are still happy with the quality of clean & appearance of your property, we’ll diary a follow-up call within 6 months.