A  CONSERVATORY is an expensive but excellent investment.
However, if it’s not cleaned and maintained properly, problems will soon arise, resulting in costly repairs.

The weather and other pollutants, gradually discolour it’s appearance, creating a faded ‘off-white’ colour.
Green algae and mould then form, which can eat into the rubber seals and lift the roof panels.
Together with blocked gutters, this can cause internal leaks.

To prevent this from happening, as well as prolonging the life and value of your conservatory,
treat it to a bit of T-L-C from PVCclean!!

We’ll restore that ‘new-look’ finish to your Conservatory, using various detergents, creams, solvents and polishes.
These ‘non-harmful’ chemical products, not only remove the surface grime but also the in-grained dirt & staining,
providing an all year round layer of protection.

Simply brushing over the Conservatory with soapy water or even attacking it with a pressure-washer
(not recommended) doesn’t come close to the pristine finish we achieve !!

Years of experience has taught us that sometimes it’s difficult for you (the householder) to appreciate just how grubby your conservatory has become but we also know that you’ll be amazed at the finished result.

We offer both an  EXTERNAL  and  INTERNAL  Conservatory cleaning service,
for the whole of the Conservatory or just the roof only, if you prefer.