To a householder, cleaning a conservatory can be a difficult and dangerous job.
They balance precariously on ladders, or even lean out of windows using a hosepipe and a brush,
which could actually cause damage, to not only their conservatory, but also to themselves!

Using our specialist access and cleaning equipment we can easily reach all areas of the conservatory safely,
including the decorative cresting and finials on top of the roof, resulting in a very high standard of clean.

  • We’ll clear out all the guttering and unblock any downspouts.
  • If required, we can also refit any end-caps or trims which have fallen off.
  • A wax-enriched formulated detergent is then used to clean the surface grime off.
  • Next our special creams and solvents are applied to the PVC framework to remove
    the ingrained dirt and grey staining, revealing the original gleam of the conservatory.
  • Finally, the glass is polished.

Well that’s the outside now looking pristine………time to clean the inside of the conservatory??