Dormers are similar in lots of ways to a Conservatory………..

They both provide valuable extra living space within the house but they also create a problem for the householder
outside, when it comes to cleaning them!

Not for PVCclean though, with our specialist access and cleaning equipment.

  • We’ll clear out the guttering and unblock any downspouts.
  • A wax-enriched formulated detergent is then used to clean the surface grime and algae off.
  • Next our special creams and solvents are applied to the PVC guttering, cladding and window frames,
    to remove the ingrained dirt and staining, caused by a combination of the weather and various pollutants.
  • Finally, the glass windows are polished, to match the shine of the cladding etc.

Again, simply brushing over the Cladding with soapy water or just a quick blast from a pressure-washer,
doesn’t come close to the pristine finish we achieve !!